“The Masters is a special event and PwC delivered an experience that matched the level of what Augusta National delivers.”


PwC Client


“The client was very impressed with how we handled the event. He had been before with other organizations but thought we did an excellent job and made it more personal. They were blown away by the accommodations, the dinner and the actual event. Well worth the investment.”


PwC Partner


Looking to create a truly first class, “must attend” event, PriceWaterhouseCoopers came to Excel to enhance and manage their existing Masters program. With our intimate understanding of the Masters hosting landscape, we were able to take a minimal hosting program and upgrade every detail of the event, dramatically enhancing the client experience.

  • Hosted top PwC clients along with key senior executive members receiving feedback that the experience was superior to all other Masters hosting experiences.
  • Developed, enhanced, and implemented the idea of a host house to allow for upgraded evening experiences and an environment that was fully owned by PwC.
  • Implemented multiple personalized client touchpoints including customized room baskets containing clients’ food and beverage preferences, preferred daily newspapers, and specialty Masters branded gift items.
  • Built a program agenda that capitalized on our knowledge of the local market to create unique program elements with a private chef serving dinner tableside to guests, sommelier pairing wines nightly and cigar rollers rolling custom branded cigars for guests to enjoy on the course.



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