Every weekend from September to February, in living rooms, basements and bars across America, TVs tune into a full day of football games. Schedules and menus are planned out around kick-off, and for one reason only—passion. Passion for the game, passion for a team and, most importantly, passion for a favorite player.

It is with that same passion that we approach our work, holding ourselves to the highest standard of integrity and honesty as we help our clients realize their full potential at every stage in their careers and in all aspects of life.

We believe that every athlete is unique, and their representation should be customized to their needs. Our individualized strategies guide our clients to the top of the draft and we consistently set the bar with record breaking contracts through our fierce and analytical approach to negotiations.

Working with some of the most recognizable names in football, both past and present, we tap into the game’s incredible fan affinity to create revenue driving opportunities that build distinguished brand portfolios. Our clients have been featured in some of the most iconic campaigns, raising their profile as pitchmen and extending their influence beyond the gridiron.


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ESPN College Gameday host and lead college basketball reporter; ABC’s Good Morning America correspondent.

Lead voice of CBS Sports Golf coverage, including the main chair at The Masters.

Lead college football and college basketball reporter, lead WNBA reporter and Sports Emmy recipient.